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Refugee Hearing Resources

Refugee claimants in Greater Toronto Area now have  new resources available to help prepare for their refugee hearings

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I. Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide
II. Virtual online Tour

I. Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

There is a new Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee Claimants (RHP Guide), now available across Canada in multiple languages:
The RHP Guide is specially adapted to each of the 6 refugee determination regions: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.
See which of the 10 languages are available in your region: 

Available in Toronto in: English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, and Urdu
Available for other regions of Canada in: Somali, Tigrigna, and Mongolian

The Refugee Hearing Preparation (RHP) is a hand book produced by KINBRACE. This resource is designed to help refugee claimants further understand the refugee determination system and increase their capacity to engage it meaningfully in preparation for their refugee hearings.

How to dowload the guide: Go to:
: Language version of RHP Guide
Select: your region
Select: read online or print in various formats
Adapted from the Metro Vancouver version, the GTA version remains colourfully illustrated and was launched on 20 June 2014 with READY Tours at World Refugee Day events in Toronto.





 II. Virtual Online Tour Hearing

For refugee claimants who are not able to participate in the Ready Tour in person, they can take an online tour of a hearing room in Toronto. CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario) launched this helpful resource: